My Top Tips for IF Success (Updated!)

The post below originally appeared on our then-brand-new blog at in September 2018. In the nearly six months since, we published our motivational memoir Unbelievable Freedom to rave reviews, and I left my job in healthcare to focus on passion for intermittent fasting and what it can do in people’s lives.

What else is different? Not much! The Facebook group of 2000 is now a group of 6000, but otherwise, I still recommend every word I wrote in the post below. If anything has changed at all, it’s my certainty that intermittent fasting is a health plan that triggers healing on levels deeper than physical. You may come for the weight loss, but you’ll stay for the powerful life transformation.  Oh, and stay off the scale!  Join me in the group if you want to hear more about that!


Original publication date:  09/19/18

Intermittent fasting.  If you haven’t heard about it, that’s about to change.

As humans, we really like numbered or bulleted lists, don’t we?  Since losing 90 pounds, I have been called an “IF rock star”, and have proudly accepted the nomination of a poster girl for IF success.  Thus, I’m taking the time to write out my 5 best tips.  I hope this is a blog post that people may be willing to share with family and friends.  I encounter so many people who are getting results with a new fasting lifestyle, but they don’t want to tell anyone.  Point them in the direction of this post and I will tell them just how wonderful it can be!

READ Gin Stephens’ Delay, Don’t Deny:  Living an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle.  It’s available for purchase on Amazon in print, for Kindle, or on Audible.  Finding Gin’s book was a moment of pure kismet that I will always look back on with gratitude.  It’s a quick, engaging read that gives you a straightforward plan to replicate the results I have had.  After you read the book, I encourage you to adopt the lifestyle just as she’s described without coming up with objections or alterations. It’s 100% totally doable without misery (thus the No Denying part of the title!). Click below to buy your very own copy.  If you do, we will earn a referral fee through Amazon and you will gain information that can change your life!

JUMP into the black coffee aspect of Gin’s clean fasting philosophy.  Yes, you can gradually wean down the cream and sugar, and maybe that’s the way to go for some.  But I encourage you to just take the leap.  Pour the coffee, don’t add anything, just drink it.  Switching over to black coffee is the best way to keep your insulin levels low during the fast, which will heal any underlying insulin resistance.  For me, drinking black coffee has killed my sugar cravings.  Adapting to the taste has changed my overall palate.  In general, drinking black coffee just makes me feel rugged.

PLAN amazing, delectable meals.  For us, we eat “OMAD” or one main meal a day, so it’s dinners only.  Do you love hearty homestyle meals?  Lots of meat?  Soups and casseroles?  Pasta?  Pizza?  Spicy Mexican?  Exotic cuisines?  Any or all of these are part of the plan.  Every single day should involve enjoying a feast with a generous portion of food you truly love.  This isn’t a diet and there is nothing that you are not “allowed” to eat while living this lifestyle.

LOCATE at least one real-life support person who understands what you are trying to accomplish.  We live in a food-centric society where people eat as many as six times a day.  Food is everywhere.  It is so important to have an outlet to process the challenges that come up.   If you know our story, you know that MY main support person has been Ryan, and a spouse/partner is certainly ideal.  However, you could choose a family member, a coworker, or a friend.  If there is no one in your life ready to adopt an IF lifestyle, the internet is full of online support groups.  Support from the main group that accompanies Delay, Don’t Deny played a big part in my success.  Ryan and I have a group of 2000 members that you can link to from the front page of this website.

EMBRACE the amazing ways that IF will change your life beyond the physical.  Without the “noise” of constant eating, cravings, and digestion, life is like a walking meditation for me now.  I feel clear, calm, centered.  I feel “tuned in”, which may only make sense to other fasters.  My whole life feels happier and more meaningful.  It may not seem like something as simple as not eating can create effects so powerful, but I am living proof.
I hope that those who don’t fast have had their curiosity piqued.  I hope those who do fast will consider sharing this blog post with someone in your life who doesn’t.  The best way to change the world is one person at a time!