Unbreak Me

For years, I wanted to be an intuitive eater.  All the “feels” around the philosophy and the movement were right for me.  Working with your body.  Eating when you are hungry.  Eating the food your body asks for.  Stopping when full.  Loving your body for giving you a home to live from.

Except I was ALWAYS vaguely hungry.  My body always craved something, and when it asked for something, it did not ask quietly, but rather with an annoying whine I could not drown out.  The request was usually refined sugar or refined starch.  My body had no idea how to run on anything but quick bursts of easy-to-burn fuel, quickly crashing and screaming out for more.  Each attempt at intuitive eating cemented in my mind that I was weak, ridiculous, and incapable of doing what other people are born doing (or learn effortlessly).

This failure-focused mindset became pervasive – I marinated in self-criticism, self-pity, and a sense of being destined to struggle.  I walked through the world wondering how other people had so much success when I could not even manage to eat appropriately.

Intermittent fasting with “clean” fasts as taught in Delay, Don’t Deny fixed my body.  It healed the metabolic havoc that frequent eating had created.  It taught my body to burn stored fat for fuel and use the food I ate effectively.  After my fasts, it became effortless to eat intuitively, choosing foods that fortify me nutritionally and emotionally.  I eat nutrient dense food along with high-quality treats of the savory & sweet persuasion.  I enjoy it all, and I don’t stress about food EVER anymore.

This has carried over to my mindset.  I’ve replaced all the negativity with an attitude of capable flexibility.  I can and will do the things I set my mind to doing.  If my body is this incredible, and it’s mine, I am amazing too!  And those things that challenge me do not speak to my character.  They are puzzles to observe and unravel, deciding why they are difficult and whether they are worthy of my energy.

Intermittent fasting unbroke my metabolism. It unbroke my mindset.  It can unbreak yours, too.

More of my story is in our motivational memoir called Unbelievable Freedom, available on Amazon.