Telling My Own Fortune

My new book Unmired is coming out in a few days. The illuminations from my transformation have been distilled into 52 Contemplations, arranged in 4 sets of 13 called Trust Your Body / Mobilize Your Mindset / Honor Your Spirit / Enjoy Your Life. I set out to write a book to describe how my grandmother’s simple words helped me change my life, and I’ve done it.

Trust Your Body ends with the concept of Channeling Inner Authority. It’s placed there because I advise rejecting diets as a product of the profit-driven weight loss industry (a faulty authority), but Channeling Inner Authority is an overarching part of how I live my life and why I’m transformed.

I was raised not to talk about politics, religion, sex, or bathroom habits. Four years as a medical scribe cured me of my fear of hearing about bodily functions, but otherwise, I still subscribe to most of it. I’m making an exception to the religion thing with an example from yesterday that reveals what inner authority means to me.

I grew up Catholic, had a bad experience in the Church (another book, maybe), and spent my adult life believing in God but avoiding church like the plague. Reeling from my grandmother’s death, knowing she was a woman of strong faith, I began to earnestly pray. I prayed for serenity, for genuine belief that I’d see Gram again, and I felt God moving me in a direction.  That path brought people into my life, many of whom are devout Christians. I returned to church and felt inspired in a new way by the message of Jesus, the spirit within vibrating at the themes of: LOVE, HOPE, REBIRTH/RESURRECTION, VICTORY, FREEDOM.  These messages resonate strongly to this moment.

Then I started to struggle with how much of church is about the Bible, and all the ways I see the Bible being (mis)used in the world. The Bible started to feel like yet-another external authority. My inner wisdom says X about this person/behavior/issue, but that book says Y, who do I believe? What do I do with these interpretations that malign good people, friends?  How can I take the Bible seriously but not literally, is there a church for that?

Living with inner authority means letting divine guidance lead from within. When something feels WRONG, you don’t ignore it!  I believe that feeling, your gut, is your connection to the source that created you.

Yesterday we were at a new church and the (lovely, earnest) young pastor used a Bible story about demons being driven out of a young girl to illustrate why people should never consult fortune tellers or spiritual mediums, that it invites satanic forces. I just don’t believe this.   Earlier this year, I consulted a numerologist and though I joked about dabbling in the occult, it was a totally affirming, positive experience. She was a wonderful, intuitive person without a single bit of darkness in her. How do I know? My deep trust in myself and my own guidance.  I’ve had my cards read, my palm read, and there wasn’t anything sinister at all.  It was for fun and a tool to explore self knowledge.

I can hear someone saying, “Don’t throw out the Bible because of one person’s interpretation.” I am not throwing anything out, but I’m honoring the feeling that says, the Bible is a book that cannot override my own gut.  I don’t have the big answers figured out, but I know I can figure them out. That goes for religion, politics, sex, and bathroom habits. It goes for food, weight and diets. The answers are within if I’m willing to slow down and listen. That’s where the freedom really lies.

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