Intermittent Fasting (IF) is a Game Changer

Rather than a diet, IF is a powerful health practice thought to trigger deep healing

Developing a fasting practice will transform your relationship with food, your body and your spirit in profound ways. IF led me on a journey through which I lost 90 pounds and gained clarity, peace, and joy. The result is a life of unbelievable freedom.

Telling My Own Fortune

My new book Unmired is coming out in a few days. The illuminations from my transformation have been distilled into 52 Contemplations, arranged in 4 sets of 13 called Trust Your Body / Mobilize Your Mindset / Honor Your Spirit / Enjoy Your Life. I set out to write a book to describe how my

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What Is the Plural of Paradox?

  What is the plural of paradox?  I need to know, because there are so many of them in my fasting life. Fasted yet fueled. Hungry yet satisfied. Energetic yet calm. Shrinking yet expanding. I try to start the day with a 3-4 mile outdoor walk.  It’s a mild, damp morning and the snow is

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Speaking for Myself

It’s my 4th week of consistently attending yoga class, so I’m ready to deeply exhale (get it?) and proclaim that I love it.  It’s not the honeymoon speaking.  The energy, the flowing movement, the message = all resonating at this point in my journey.  At the end of class today, our teacher was talking about

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A total transformation can begin with one decision. I wrote my email mentoring series to impart the wisdom from my successful IF journey.

In the series, I share:

  • How I used Delay, Don't Deny by Gin Stephens as my IF method
  • How I shifted into a faster's capable mindset
  • What freedom from food guilt feels like
  • How practicing gratitude increases IF success
  • Why physical healing is the foundation of emotional healing

My intermittent fasting email series is powerfully informative and motivational. Best of all, it's available at a fraction of the cost of traditional weight loss counseling and requires no set schedule.